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Acetate satin ribbon
Custom printed Acetate satin ribbon

Acetate Satin Ribbon is traditionally made from the fibres extracted from wood pulp  and it is therefore reasonably safe to say that it is biodegradable. Acetate satin ribbon is a single sided also known as single faced ribbon. It has a coating on one side. It is still a soft and silky type of ribbon, but slightly stiffer and more robust than the double or single sided polyester satin ribbon, it does however, tend to tie a better bow - the only thing to be careful of is that it does tend to crease easily if roughly handled
(These should be able to be ironed out with a covering cloth and steam iron)

Acetate satin can not be thermally transfer printed or sublimation printed as it will give a poor print quality. It does, however, print extremely well with hot foil, rotary ink or silk screen printing methods. It is considerably cheaper than polyester satin and is extremely popular for corporate promotional products - We print literally thousands of metres a month of Acetate satin for several large cosmetic, Floristry and confectionary companies who prefer this over polyester due to it keeping its shape when gift wrapping or tied into bows. Cutting and heat sealing to prevent fraying is available for acetate satin ribbon, both printed and plain. Batching and/or bagging service is also available. Bespoke stitched items are usually made from Acetate satin ribbon.

Acetate Satin is available in 9.5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 72mm

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