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Hot Foil printing, which is also know as Hot Stamping, Dry Stamping or Foil Imprinting is one of the most well-established methods of printing onto a fabric ribbon.  Ink is suspended in a dry adhesive substrate and incorporated into a foil roll. The  ink is then released by using a printing plate with an image (company logo for example) stamping the foil using high heat and high pressure - The heat melts the ink and adhesive in the shape of the image on the printing plate which in turn is stamped directly onto the ribbon under high pressure, ensuring the ink and adhesive is imprinted onto the fabric. This rapidly cools leaving a bright, crisp image behind. The foil is wound onto a take up spool as the ribbon is passed through the print rollers and wound onto a ribbon core.

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Custom printed ribbon
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Custom corporate printed ribbon

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Hotfoil personlalised printed ribbon


  • Very fast printing method - Can print thousands of metres in a day
  • Very high resolution printing - Ideal for intricate detailed work
  • Has a very wide range of colours - Foil printing is NOT just metallic - it has a very large range of matt and satin pigment colours, not just Gold & Silver.
  • Is hard wearing and certain foils are machine washable
  • Can print on a wide range of ribbon types including Grosgrain & Cotton.
  • Can print an image in multiple colours
  • Can print with Holographic foils for security labels or special effects.
  • Cheaper to produce than Thermal Transfer


  • A printing plate is required which can take up to 2 days to manufacture
  • Cannot print on anything wider than 75mm
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