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Organza Sheer ribbon
Chiffon ribbon Organdy rbbon

Organza Ribbon is a beautiful delicate and very lightweight ribbon with a translucent effect giving off a lustrous, sheer appearance.
Organza ribbon is a derivative of the traditional thin cotton called Organdie .

Due to the way the ribbon is woven (a loose plain interlaced criss cross weave) Organza ribbon is classed as a double sided ribbon, so it doesn’t matter which side is facing up.
Most web sites say that Organza cannot be printed on, whilst this is the case for Thermal Transfer, we use a wide range of printing methods which enables us to do just that. So printing on Organza ribbon is easy - Hot Foil printing is the most popular print we use for Organza and is very popular in the wedding, florist and jewellery industry. Another version of Organza ribbon is Organza Satin ribbon. This is the same weave as Organza, however, there is a narrow band of polyester satin woven along the centre - This is extremely useful when a bold and clear print is required. This can be printed on using thermal transfer. We carry a very wide range of colours in this style of ribbon.
Cutting and heat sealing to prevent fraying is available for this ribbon
Batching and/or bagging service is also available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.


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Organza ribbon is available in 5mm, 15mm, 25mm and 35mm.
Organza satin stripe is available in 25mm (With a 10mm satin stripe) and 38mm (with a 15mm satin stripe)

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