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This section will give you some insight into the different types of ribbon we supply. We don’t just stock the usual Polyester Satin ribbon, we supply a very wide range of exciting ribbons.

Organza, Organza Satin, Grosgrain, Velvet, Acetate Satin, Natural Cotton, Coloured cotton,
Wired Edge Organza,Taffeta and even Self Adhesive Ribbon.

These can all be printed on - So Personalised Printed Ribbon is not just Double Sided Polyester - Experiment and create something different to the rest!

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These pages carry explanations of  the different characteristics of the ribbon and their different uses.

Polyester Satin Ribbon

Acetate Satin Ribbon

Organza Sheer ribbon

Organza satin striped ribbon

Coloured cotton ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon


All of these ribbons can be printed on by us and all, with the exception of Cotton ribbon, can be cut and heat sealed to prevent fraying - Just contact us for more details on this service.

Polyester satin ribbon, Acetate satin ribbon, Organza Sheer ribbon, Organza satin stripe ribbon, Coloured cotton ribbon, Natural cotton ribbon, Grosgrain ribbon, Taffeta ribbon

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