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Rotary Ink Printing is used for large quantity and / or multi colour printing.  Basically, an image is etched onto a series of rotary drums. Each drum will have the different coloured part of the logo or a repeat of the single colour logo etched onto it. As the ribbon is passed under the rotating drum, the unique coloured image is applied to the fabric via an ink reservoir. It is then in turn  passed under the second colour or image in the precise position of the logo (printing in registration) and so on until the image is whole. This all happens at high speed so thousands of metres can be printed in just one day. Rotary ink printing can be applied to most fabrics, including cotton, polyester satin, acetate satin, grosgrain, taffeta and organza to name a few.


  • Can print very high volume in short time
  • Can use up to 4 colours
  • Can print on a wide range of ribbons


  • Due to the cost of  the process involved, minimum order quantity is high  (500 metres)
  • Initial cost of origination is high (although the cost of the ribbon is quite low)
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