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Taffeta Ribbon is increasingly in vogue. It is  a shallow woven Grosgrain ribbon, a very similar weave to the grosgrain but not as deep, so the ridges are less prominent. This makes it far easier to print with, which is ideal for customers who like to use Grosgrain but require finer detailed printing. Taffeta cannot be printed with Thermal Transfer, we do however, print it using Hot Foil, raised ink or rotary ink. It is available in a wide range of widths and colours. Taffeta ribbon, both personalised printed and plain can be cut and heat sealed to prevent fraying. A batching and/or bagging service is also available for this ribbon. Some bespoke stitched items can be made from taffeta ribbon. Just contact us for further details.

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Tafetta is available in 10mm, 15mm and 25mm widths

Polyester satin ribbon, Acetate satin ribbon, Organza Sheer ribbon, Organza satin stripe ribbon, Coloured cotton ribbon, Natural cotton ribbon, Grosgrain ribbon, Taffeta ribbon

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