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Thermal Transfer Printing is the process of transferring Wax Resin Ink suspended in a very thin plastic film onto a substrate (in this case a Polyester based ribbon) - This resin is transferred to the ribbon by applying a relatively low temperature through a print head that very briefly melts the ink in the image that is to be printed and then rapidly cools leaving the image behind. The film is wound onto a take up spool as the printed ribbon is passed through the printer to be wound onto a bobbin.


  • This can be printed with a very fast turnaround time - Same day or within 24 hours of ordering.
  • There is no need for a printing plate to be made - so is ideal for very small runs from 1 metre to several hundred.
  • Can print on any Polyester based fabric from 5mm - 100mm
  • Very versatile with graphics - Can print with gradient shading, ideal for photo images


  • Lower resolution than other print methods - not ideal for intricate artwork
  • Cannot be used for other ribbon types. ie. Grosgrain, Cotton etc.
  • Wax Resin is not as hard wearing as other print methods
  • Not recommended for very large runs as it is comparitively more expensive and takes longer to print
  • Can only print in 1 colour at a time.
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